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The Some Fitness Mistakes That This Coach Sees Most Frequently

These mistakes can prevent us from seeing the progress we expected, or they can even lead us to discourage us with our routines, so it is important to correct them. These are some of the most common missteps I have seen as a coach (and some of which I am guilty of doing myself!).

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How to eat carbohydrates and still weight loss

Do you think that potatoes, pasta and bread fatten starchy carbohydrates that you should avoid if you want fabulous abs? Think again despite what the Keto diet and other extremely low carb weight loss programs can make you believe, you can enjoy carbohydrates without derailing your diet.


Some Things That Can Affect Erections

Getting an erection not only “happens”, it is actually a complex process that involves hormones, nerves and your vascular, psychological and general health working together. An imbalance in even just one of these factors is enough to compromise your erections, so it is important to do whatever you can to make everything work as it should.