A Look at the 10 Most Expensive Disease Treatments in United States

A Look at the 10 Most Expensive Disease Treatments in United States

With the constant increase in insurance premiums, it is increasingly difficult to fulfill one of the basic functions of life: staying alive. And with the for-profit pharmaceutical companies that are looking to fill their pockets, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that health care costs are also skyrocketing.

If you have bad luck, you may be in a health situation that requires thorough medical attention, which can cost thousands or even tens of thousands of dollars. Here is a look at the ten most expensive disease treatment programs in the United States right now:

  1. Hepatitis C (HCV): Hepatitis C is a difficult virus to control and, without treatment, can paralyze everyday life. It is the most common blood-borne virus in the United States, which currently infects more than three million people, according to the Center for Disease Control. It must be administered proactively, and that means using medications such as Sovaldi and Harvoni. If you have to use any of these treatments, it could cost you between $ 44,000 and $ 59,000 for a 12-week regimen. Buy Hepatitis C medications online to Treatment for hepatitis C and enjoy healthy and better life. You can find these all supplements on www.rxgenericmdicines.com.
  2. Back and neck pain: It may sound insignificant, but back pain and neck pain is an annual expense of $ 82 billion in the USA, according to a 2015 report in the Journal of AMA. If you want to avoid paying the bill for some of these ridiculously expensive treatments, consider an ergonomic desk and reduce your weight; Bad posture and stress on the spine and muscles are the #1 contributor. Buy Pain Relievers online to Treatment for Pain Management and enjoy healthy and better life.
  3. High blood pressure: High blood pressure can often go unnoticed, since symptoms do not always manifest themselves in everyday life. In any case, the constant pressure against the lining of the artery walls by rapid blood flow can increase your risk of heart disease and stroke, if not detected. Just to treat high blood pressure with buy high blood pressure medicine online.
  4. Diabetes: Most likely, you don’t know one, but several people with diabetes or prediabetes, your ugly precursor. Nine percent of Americans live with one or the other, which costs almost $ 100 billion in expenses related to medical care. Untreated diabetes can lead to massive health problems later in life, such as heart and kidney disease, nerve problems, loss of vision and even whole limb amputations. Fortunately, this is a disease that is more “internally” treatable: by eating a well-balanced diet and exercising regularly, you can dramatically reduce your risk of getting diabetes. You can buy Diabetes Medications Online from RGM.
  5. Osteoarthritis: $ 46 billion, is the annual cost of treatments for a disease that many of us associate with older people. In fact, most experts predict that one in two people will have a form of osteoarthritis in their life, which will result in medication, physiotherapy and even hospitalization for a hip or knee replacement. Again, the full force of this can be drastically reduced by observing what you eat and exercising regularly.
  6. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: COPD and its asthma cousin affect almost 35 million Americans each year (10 million with COPD and 25 million with asthma). Although smoking is promoted as the usual culprit of COPD, air pollutants and bad genes are also to blame. The total cost of all these wheezing? Approximately $ 85 billion per year. If you are looking asthma treatment and Medications. You can buy asthma medicines online.
  7. Mental and behavioral disorders: While depression is the main player in this space, other developmental disorders such as ADHD and anxiety are also at stake, which leads to an annual cost of almost $ 122 billion. If he falls off the wagon during treatment, he can send the victim to a spiral, which may force them to start over: expensive medical bills and everything.
  8. Cancer: It may surprise you that cancer is so low on the list (we would normally assume it is the most expensive treatment), but the statistics are still astounding: almost one in four deaths in the United States is related in some way to cancer. These may include colorectal cancer, breast cancer, non-melanoma skin cancers, malignancies or any of the other variations of this horrible disease. The cost for only those four diseases mentioned above is over $ 52 billion, and is only expected to increase due to the costs of new immunotherapy agents and diagnostic tools. Fortunately, the cancer death rate has declined in the last ten years, but that does not mean that Americans are not spending a fortune to keep the beast of cancer at bay. Read more: Buy Anti Cancer Medicines Online.
  9. Bones Health and other physical injuries: this is a surprising fact: one in five falls causes some type of serious injury, be it a broken bone, a head injury or some other type of traumatic event. With thirty-seven million visits to the emergency department and 2.7 million hospital admissions that resulted in nearly $ 74 billion in injuries from falls alone, it is not surprising that this is number two on our list. The elderly constitute the largest demographic group in this category by far, and the repercussions can be serious: women who have suffered a hip fracture are five times more likely to die within a year of their fall, while men are eight times more likely.
  10. Heart disease: hospitalization, surgery, tests, treat heart disease, monitoring, specialists, Medicines for heart disease and a mortality rate of more than 360,000 heart diseases are the leading cause of death in the United States, with a total of nearly $ 316 billion in health related costs and lost productivity. To put that number in perspective, the GDP of the country of Israel ranks thirty-four in the world, which would cause heart-related expenses only in the US. If it were a country, the number thirty-five. That is an amazing statistic, but when you consider all the strange health problems that accompany it, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol and others, the price should surprise us little.

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