The best diet for you how to choose

The best diet for you how to choose, Food and Fitness, Seasonal, Diets

The best diet for you how to choose

It’s a new year, and the need to push the restart is real. At this time, diet programs are selling you a lot with the promises of a “new you.” So, should you bite?

It may come as a surprise since I am a dietitian, but I don’t rule out all diet plans completely. Although it is a fact that most diets do not work in the long term, I try not to deter people from trying something new. In fact, I have stabbed some different diets in the past (read about my experience with intermittent fasting), mainly in the name of science (and, I admit, in part to see if any of my additional post-40 pounds would move.

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If there is something I have learned as a dietitian, it is that different ways of eating work for different people. Some people thrive on a vegan diet, others feel Zen in Paleo. Beyond the different preferences and lifestyles, the reasons why they are probably hidden in our genes, and someday we can know more.

But in the meantime, if you are tempted to follow a diet plan, ask yourself some key questions:

Does the diet come with a list of foods that are not allowed (and all are your favorites)? If so, it would do well to stay away from plans like Whole30 and Keto, which eliminate long lists of foods that may be weekly or even daily commodities for you (such as wheat and dairy, but even foods such as beans and peanut butter). The same goes for a vegan diet if you trust meat, milk and eggs. Mixing all these foods may seem easy at first, but it can be exhausting quite quickly.

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Are you trying to identify food sensitivities? The Whole30 and “Detox” diets promise to relieve a wide range of symptoms and help you identify offensive foods. But isolating problematic foods can be difficult when you eliminate so many at once. If your symptoms are mainly digestive , consider learning more about the FODMAP diet, which can be especially useful for people with IBS.

How do you feel when tracking your food? Approaches such as Weight Watchers and the macro count depend on the daily food diary. If doing so for more than a day seems tedious, those plans are probably not for you.

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Have you succeeded on any diet in the past? If so, what happened to those plans that clicked with you? If not, you may want to save yourself the fight.

An alternative to a structured diet plan is to adopt a more personalized approach. Why not extract parts of different programs and make them yours? Instead of consuming Paleo completely, getting more protein every day can satisfy your hunger for longer. Instead of following the intermittent fast to a simply stop eating at 8 p. M. He could stop the night food that does not serve him well. Instead of trying Keto, adding more healthy fats such as olive oil and avocado can make your meals and snacks tastier and fuller.

Whatever you do, it shouldn’t seem like a punishment. If you feel private, isolated and irritable, the approach is not for you. Because no “new you” is worth that.

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