How can push Ups help men’s hearts?

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How can push Ups help men’s hearts?

Researchers reported that men who can do 40 push-ups have a 96% lower risk of heart disease than men who can not meet 10. The average man in the study: almost 40 years of age and overweight, but not obese. The 1,562 men were physically active firefighters instead of office workers. The results of the study reinforce the case that muscle building promotes heart health.

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Resistance training is very important, says the sports medicine specialist at Kaiser Permanente, who was not involved in the study.  It seems to have the same benefits as cardiovascular exercise.

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Can not you do 40 push-ups? Do not worry. In the study, even men who could do only 11 push-ups decreased the risk of heart disease by 64%. The big difference, says our expert Mariana, is between those who do not exercise and those who at least do something: “Even if you can only do a little exercise, you get tremendous benefits.

The study focused on the push-ups, but do not limit yourself to that exercise. Your training should include a variety of movements that work as many muscles as you can. Mariana recommends weights lifting, sit-ups, push-ups and interval training. Your goal should not be just to do more push-ups to live longer,” he says. “It’s about your general physical condition.

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Weights lifting, sit-ups, push-ups and interval training for health heart‘s

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