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What an obstetrician / gynecologist really think during your exam

If you’ve ever wondered what annual checkups are like from the other side of the stirrups, here’s a look inside my head during an appointment. Before entering the exam room, I take a moment to prepare: a quick sip of coffee,

5 Things to Do before Baby Come

5 things to do before the baby arrives

Preparing for a baby can be overwhelming for new parents. The list of “pending tasks” seems endless, the list of suggested items for registration is suspiciously long, the car seat is impossible to install and the perfect color of the nursery is difficult to reach. It can be difficult to prioritize which projects are really important.


Do you know coconut oil is safe for your vagina

Apart from perhaps CBD oil, no other substance has received more headlines claiming super generation powers than coconut oil. Dermatologists swear by their moisturizing powers, and health gurus proclaim their superiority to other oils in the kitchen. We know that it is excellent for dry elbows and sweet potatoes, but is it also good for the vagina?