Disposition of Prescription drugs

Disposition of Prescription drugs

Prescription drugs can cause a lot of problems, including prescription drug abuse. Sometimes taking Prescription drugs without checking the expiration dates could even cause harmful effects on the body.

The federal government of the USA He has established some essential guidelines for the Disposition of Prescription drugs, which are the following:

  1. Old and unwanted prescription drugs whose expiration dates have passed must be removed from old and existing containers before throwing them into garbage containers to avoid any misuse. It is always best to get rid of old prescription drugs in plastic bags or bottles to avoid accidental misuse by people.
  2. The best way to get rid of unwanted prescription drugs is to give them to local pharmacies that are authorized to accept them.
  3. Never throw away unwanted prescription drugs after use in toilets unless specified in the Prescription drugs. This can cause unnecessary clogging and damage the drainage of the water supply systems.

Therefore, the Disposition of Prescription drugs not only helps us to prevent accidental misuse of prescription drugs, but also to ensure a safe environment around us.

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