Fucked-Up during Sex: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

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Fucked-Up during Sex, during Sex, during Sex, Fucked-Up during Sex: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

Fucked-Up during Sex: What to Do When Things Go Wrong

For most of us, sex doesn’t really look like the perfectly choreographed scenes we see in movies. In real life, there are problems: someone’s elbow catches someone’s hair, someone has a muscle cramp, and the list goes on. And let’s be honest: two bodies can make many sounds and smells that are anything but sexy. These are some of the embarrassing difficulties you may encounter, and how to handle them:

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You call the name of your former lover. First, it happens. But don’t count on your spouse or current partner to think it’s funny. This error will require significant emotional repair.

What to do: apologize. Reassure your partner that you just want to be with them and that the other relationship is over.

Orgasm face. When uninhibited, most people wrinkle their faces and grimace during the climax. Letting go means not looking pretty.

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What to do: Remember that it is really a good sign; it means that you are immersed in what you are feeling. Letting your body get away with it allows you to squeeze the pleasure of the moment.

Air escape Perhaps the most embarrassing moment during sex is when someone passes gas or air through a hole and makes noise. Most people are socialized to feel ashamed to release gas, as it could cause some person some discomfort. However, during sex, it is important to be relaxed, feel uninhibited and is relaxed; goals that are clearly opposite to the way we generally react to flatulence.

What to do: Instead of being ashamed, just laugh. Take a break and tell yourself that you are human.

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Leaks If you are a menopausal woman who loses some urine during the bedroom adventure, or a man with post-prostate cancer who struggles during the first year of recovery after surgery, or maybe a nursing mother whose milk appears when you get excited, you can contribute. Liquids for the sexual mixture with which you had not counted. It is true that we tend to feel comfortable with certain fluids during sex and can label others as “unattractive.” But sex is complicated

What to do: Do ​​not let the extra liquid stop you. Urine is sterile and will not bother anyone. Breast milk leakage is an excitement test.

The child enters. Nobody wants their son to witness the “primordial scene,” but if it happens, he minimizes drama as the best resource.

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What to do: take a dressing gown and take your child to bed and answer any questions or say simple phrases such as: “No one was being hurt; Dad and mom were fighting a special love fight.

Bad breath. If you know that morning breath kills the mood, you can make a policy of jumping into the mouthwash and returning to bed. Or if your partner mentions it, take it easy, be a good sport and try to brush your teeth.

What to do: Use kindness when calling your partner’s attention to annoying things. And don’t let the little irritations derail the entire event.

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Orgasm problems Too soon, too late, at all, or is it simply not your night? If the goal of sex is orgasm, you could miss love.

What to do: If the problem is long-standing, look for a sex therapist, but if it happens occasionally, focus again on your partner’s pleasure.

The best insurance against having very human experiences interferes with pleasure, is to have a sense of humor and know that sex can be romantic once, raw the next time and silly after that. Feeling confident that your partner loves you and is committed to continuous sexual growth minimizes uncomfortable moments.

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