If you are in Affair Situation?

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If you are in Affair Situation?

You are in an adventure you may say to yourself that you did not want that to happen; independently, now you are in a disorderly situation without a clear path forward. While you do not want to hurt your spouse, you cannot imagine ending this new relationship that feels so good. And now that?

The best next step is to see your situation from a less emotional perspective. Brain research tells us that the more intensely people experience their emotions, the less active the logical parts of their brain become. Usually, this leads people to find evidence to support their emotional thinking and react as if it were accurate in the external world. By being aware of this, you can choose to calm down and focus on a more objective thought.

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In your conjugal situation, emotion-driven thinking probably magnifies your spouse’s deficiencies and, in turn, intensifies the passion in your relationship. You can argue with yourself about how you should not feel the way you feel and even tell you that you should stop the matter. But ardent passion tends not to listen to reason, leaving you to pursue the issue, despite struggling with guilt.

One way people try to cope is to pretend that the issue is not so serious, that their feelings are not so strong. They might even try to break things and move on. So, what usually happens is that their feelings move out of their consciousness, where they continue to have influence. These people are surprised to find themselves again in the arms of their lover. They might think, I was good at avoiding it, but then she needed my help, and well … It may feel like destiny. Instead, if you admit your feelings and clearly observe the problem, you can address it more effectively.

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Drive with your head instead of your heart. And think about your values. After all, when the passion of your business has calmed down, you will still have to live with the results of your actions. Therefore, consider them carefully.

For example, think about your marriage vows and their importance to you. Also consider how the issue affects your thoughts and feelings about you, as well as how it can (and affects) your spouse, children, lovers and any other person who may be affected by it.

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These thoughts can motivate you to want to improve your marriage. Keep in mind that to relive your marriage, you will have to give yourself to him with all your heart. Therefore, although you may be tempted to keep the matter until you know that your marriage is salvageable, trying to maintain both relationships will probably not end well.

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On the other hand, after thinking clearly about the situation, you can conclude that your marriage is effectively dead and that this new relationship is an opportunity for a new life. If that is the case, you should still think carefully about how to proceed. Your marriage is not over yet and you still need attention as you finish it. The better you do it in approaching this, the more likely you are to start over.

Of course, the choice is yours. But if you think clearly about your situation, you can at least direct the course of your marriage and your life.

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