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Are Vaginal Moisturizers Melts Safe? An OB / GYN Weighs

Menopause. Birth control pills . Stress. Breastfeeding. Thyroid problems These are some of the common causes of vaginal dryness, which can often lead to discomfort during intercourse and decreased libido. While the innovation is great, especially in the area of ​​women’s sexual health, I admit I was wrong when I heard about this latest trend. The “melted” vaginal moisturizers are suppositories (I guess the marketing people felt that “melt” sounds sexier than “suppository”) made from natural oils that contain added aromas [...]


Do you know coconut oil is safe for your vagina

Apart from perhaps CBD oil, no other substance has received more headlines claiming super generation powers than coconut oil. Dermatologists swear by their moisturizing powers, and health gurus proclaim their superiority to other oils in the kitchen. We know that it is excellent for dry elbows and sweet potatoes, but is it also good for the vagina?