Thinning bones of middle-aged men can be needed to check

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Thinning bones of middle-aged men can be needed to check

Health news: Fragile bones are often seen as a woman’s health problem, but low bone mass may be more common among middle-aged men than is generally believed, a small study suggests

The research, of 173 adults aged 35 to 50, found that men and women were equally likely to have low bone mass at the hip. It was found in 26% of men and 26% of female.

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The study participants, the researchers said, had osteopenia or a lower than normal bone density. In some cases, it advances toward osteoporosis, the brittle bone disease that makes people vulnerable to fractures.

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Treatment of Bones Health

The fact that osteopenia was so common in men was a surprise, said researcher Mariana, an expert in health and exercise. Treatment of Thinning bones of middle-aged men.

Full-blown osteoporosis is clearly more common in women. US, approximately one quarter of American women age 65 and older have hip or lower spine condition. That compares to around 5% of men of the same age.

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