Q 4. The amount charged on my card does not match the amount of my order, why is this?

This is quite possible and the reason is because some of our banks do not charge in US dollars but in other currencies, such as the euro. Because currency exchange rates fluctuate daily, the amount charged will not be exactly the same as what is shown on your bill. In fact, in many cases it will show less, since every day we underestimate the exchange rate to give you a small discount before charging you. Of course, some banks also like to take their commission for these transactions in multiple currencies and, if your bank is like that, they may also charge you additional fees. Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to avoid this, but if for some reason your credit card shows that you were charged much more than the amount you paid, contact us  and send a copy of the account statement (fax or email) and we will do our Best effort to rectify the matter by applying an account credit.