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5 Things to Do before Baby Come

5 things to do before the baby arrives

Preparing for a baby can be overwhelming for new parents. The list of “pending tasks” seems endless, the list of suggested items for registration is suspiciously long, the car seat is impossible to install and the perfect color of the nursery is difficult to reach. It can be difficult to prioritize which projects are really important.

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What is really important for patients? The doctors ask

In my role with Rx Generic Medicines, I am invited to the openings of many health centers. I was recently invited to the opening of a new cancer center in northern Virginia, and I was excited to hear the center director explain that they came up with the concept of the physical structure of the building when talking to patients.

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Do you need to replace electrolytes? A doctor weighs in

As if the running water was not good enough for our bodies, now many of us try to take the water to the next level by adding electrolytes. But do you really need those extra electrolytes? Let’s go deeper into that. The term “electrolyte” refers to a class of minerals with which you are probably familiar: