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Looking for point G? 6 things you should know

Is point G real? The evidence is a bit mysterious because the point does not seem to be a different structure, but rather a group of nerves and tissue that swells or changes sensation when excited. And not all women feel it. Some women feel extreme pleasure when the stain is stimulated, but others … it’s nothing.

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Messages in our culture can affect a woman’s libido

Women are facing negative messages in our culture maximum people know. But you may not realize that the negative messages received during a woman’s formative years can have a profound impact on how she looks sexually and how it feels to have sex. By rejecting and transcending these messages, a woman can develop a strong erotic core, allowing her to get in touch with her desire.

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What we do: the partners not agree for anal sex

Although it is still taboo for many, there has been a cultural change in regards to heterosexual anal sex. Young women report in therapy that they are increasingly being pressured to have anal sex from the beginning. And they are not the only ones: long-married women also listen to this request.