About Our Company

Everything you send to our company is done using SSL. This means that all of your information is encrypted and confidential. We maintain our SSL to ensure your privacy is guaranteed! Once your order is placed, your private information is encrypted in our database and is only accessible to key personnel and the pharmacy responsible for fulfilling your order. At no time can anyone who is not involved in the fulfillment of your order access your information.

We do not sell, rent or give away for free the information you provide. Your order will always arrive discreetly packaged with the name and address provided.

General business inquiries can be sent by email to our business development manager at: Click to send an email . Be sure to include all relevant contact information, as well as a detailed proposal on how you want to do business with our company so that we can redirect your query. To the right individual.

We have set up a special affiliate program that will detail the general affiliate programs we currently offer. For larger-scale membership opportunities, contact our affiliate manager at Click for Mail. Be sure to include in your email the medications you are interested in selling, as well as the estimated orders per month you wish to generate. We are a discount online pharmacy that is more than happy to work with you.