Related to Delivery

All of our medications come with the original instructions and the package containing the lot number and expiration date that can be checked with the manufacturer. Our generics also come in original containers; however, most generics in India are presented only in blister packs with manufacturer information printed directly on the back of the blister. You will never have to worry about the origin of the medications you are requesting through

When you have a very large order, we can divide the order into two or more separate shipments with a space of approximately 2-3 days, in which case you will receive the rest of your order shortly after the first part arrives.

As always, if you have any questions, you can always contact us  and we will be happy to clarify things.

This can and will happen when you order drugs online from different countries, especially when you order generic drugs that can be manufactured by several different manufacturers. Because any company can manufacture a generic drug, each company will use exactly the same active ingredients, but the creation process may differ and, therefore, the shape, color and size of the tablets or capsules may differ slightly for distinguish them from their competitors. This in no way affects the effectiveness of medications. All medications listed / supplied by us are chosen after a rigorous audit process.

If your package was returned to the pharmacy for any reason, we may charge you for the shipment again and resend your package, but since we do not save the details of our client’s card, you must call us to pay the shipping cost. If the shipment was returned to the pharmacy due to our fault, we will resend it without any charge. Contact us in any case.

The only case in which you can return a medication after it has been delivered is if the pharmacy sent you the wrong medication or if the medication arrived damaged. In the case of any of these scenarios, the pharmacy will immediately resend the medication to correct the error.