Related to Shipping

There are a number of reasons why your order for RxGenericMedicines may not have been sent yet and the easiest way to know why is to simply contact us and ask. However, for a quick reference, your best indication of why your order has not been sent is to verify the status of the order and, for the most part, is quite explanatory. There is a problem with your payment and you must contact us to resolve the problem, or we are still waiting for your payment to arrive by mail. For a more detailed explanation of the various medication delivery status codes, see our Frequently Asked Questions about order status.

When tracking information is sent to you, it is important to keep in mind that it may not appear on the courier service website until many days after the pharmacy  has sent your order. In most cases, the package must arrive in the destination country (your country) before any follow-up is shown. As such, you must be patient while your request is addressed to everyone. If the follow-up does not appear seven business days after entering your account, we ask that you contact us so that we can send an inquiry to the courier to make sure there are no unexpected delays.

Yes, the resend will be sent to you and we will inform you the tracking number.

You must call us in advance to inform us that you need a priority shipment of your order. Alternatively, you can send us an email when you place your order. Although we do not ship it by any other method than we are currently doing, we can ensure that your order jumps to the top of the queue and is sent immediately to try to save you a few days at the time of compliance. Please note that although we can guarantee that the order will be sent immediately (assuming the products are in stock), we cannot guarantee  that the shipping company will deliver it without delay. Once we place the order by mail, it is really out of our control.

This could result in an order rejected by customs or an unforeseen delay with the shipping company. Don’t wait too long for your package to arrive. If you are outside the shipping times listed, contact us so we can investigate further.