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Buy Assurans 20Mg Sildenafil Citrate Tablets Online

Assurans 20mg Tablet is a type of PDE-5 (phosphodiesterase) inhibitor used for treating impotency in men. There can be different reasons behind a person suffering from erectile dysfunction syndromes. Commonly referred to as impotency, this condition makes it difficult for a man to achieve erection during sexual activity.


A person suffering from ED will find it difficult to have a hard, erected penis. This is where PDE-5 inhibitors play a significant role in addressing the condition. This medication is not a hormone or aphrodisiac product. Also, this medication is not suitable for women, new-born, and children.

What is the functioning of Assurans 20mg?

Assurans 20mg is used to address erectile dysfunction and not cure the condition. Also, this medication does not have the power to protect a couple from getting STDs like AIDs. Assurans 20mg tablet treats pulmonary hypertension and helps relax the blood vessels in and around the penis. As a result, the flow of blood in the penis and surrounding regions become a lot more prominent during sexual excitement. Asurans 20mg can help only those men who feel the urge for sex but can’t reach erection. This medication will not benefit those who don’t feel the urge for sexual activities.

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How to take Assurans 20mg?

Assurans 20mg can be taken on empty stomach or with food. However, you must swallow the tablet with a glass of lukewarm water. It is better to take this medication with a light meal. Never break, chew, or crush the tablet as it reduces its effectiveness. Make sure you follow the advice of your doctor in regards to the intake of this medication. Never ever stop intake of this medication abruptly. In case there are some adverse reactions, talk to the doctor immediately and ask for guidance.


You should not consume alcohol when taking this medicine. Alcohol can reduce the effectiveness of this medication. Also, it is not recommended to take Assurans 20 mg tablet with any nitrate-based medication. It can result in dropping the BP level severely.

Who should avoid taking Assurans 20 mg?

  • If you are an alcoholic, approach with caution. You must consult a doctor before using this medication. Usually doctors recommend staying away from alcohol usage while taking this medicine.
  • Assurans 20 mg is not advisable for kids and women.
  • Consult a doctor before taking Assurans 20mg if you are diagnosed with some types of kidney or liver ailments.
  • Never intake Assurans 20mg while driving since it can cause blurred visionary and dizziness


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What are the side effects of Assurans 20mg?

Some of the common symptoms or side effects that many patients experience are dizziness, indigestion, stuffy nose, blurred vision, visual disturbance, nausea, and headache. But then again, in most of the cases, these side effects are short lived and gets resolved within a day or two. Although very rarely witnessed, symptoms like skin rash, eye irritation, blood pressure reading unstable, muscle pain, and irregular heartbeat occur in some patients. In any of these conditions, you must notify your doctor immediately.



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