The Best Time of Day for Revealed Sex!

The Best Time of Day for Revealed Sex!

The research revealed the perfect time to have intimate moments with your partner and the positive health benefits it provides. According to the study, the best time of the day to have sex is at 7.00 to 8.00 am.

It is known that men appreciate the action of the morning between the sheets. They often wake up with excitement, so the morning is the best time for men to show some action. On the other hand, women prefer the nights when they find that things have relaxed a little after work and their tasks are ready.


This happens because of the following:

The difference in testosterone levels: first thing in the morning, men tend to have high levels of testosterone in the morning, which leads to sexual feelings in them. This allows them to have a good morning erection. While women, on the other hand, have the smallest amount in the morning, their testosterone levels tend to have a small increase at night.


The difference in the hormonal cycle: men can experience about 35 to 55% of the difference in testosterone levels daily in the morning, which causes them to develop a sexual sensation. In women, changes in testosterone do not occur daily but occur monthly. The greatest increase observed in the middle of the month during ovulation.

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Cleanliness: most women like to be clean before a perfect intimate session. For those women, the morning breath, the genital odor, a night of sweat can suppress sexual feelings. Man’s sense of smell is not usually as sensitive as women’s. You can take action in the morning and feel the warm closeness with your partner. It is considered to be the best time for an average person who makes a healthy and happy life. However, no two people are the same; Women and men have their preferences.


Why morning sex?
The research study has revealed that in the morning, people are energy levels, and resistance is at its peak. A good night’s sleep can be the reason for having more resistance in the morning. The release of endorphins can cause a decrease in blood pressure and a decrease in stress levels, which may be the reason for your happiness. After waking up, the concentration levels are also high.


Observe the benefits: both men and women work better in an office after a perfect sexual relationship. The increased level of the hormone vasopressin after sex makes the man feel more emotionally attached.


Start slowly: spend time hugging and congratulating each other. According to the researcher, the greatest interference with women’s desire is their body image. So he admires her beauty and how beautiful she looks in the morning.


Go to bed earlier: lack of sleep can lower testosterone levels in both men and women. It requires sleep of 7 to 8 hours to maintain maximum hormonal balance. Getting enough sleep is essential to limit the stress hormone cortisol, which interferes with sexual desire in both sexes.


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Tips to encourage sex at night

See sports: according to research studies, watching competitive sports increases their feelings of aggression and increases testosterone in men. It’s a great thing if the couple is also a sports fanatic.


Stay in touch. Talk through messages about being together throughout the day, this will increase the testosterone in your body. Send warm and appreciative tests between your work; This will create an emotional connection that will be enough to activate the testosterone level in a woman.


Exercise together at the end of the day: thirty to forty minutes of intense training; Raise testosterone levels in the blood. Sexual arousal remains easier for half an hour after exercise.


Sometimes, the decision about when to have sex can disrupt personal preferences. If this is the case, having an honest conversation can be a solution. Each of you can have a favorite moment of a day to make love, please your partner during your best moment brings justice, happiness, and fun. When you do things to please your partner, both win!


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