Can get a bigger penis through PRP injections?

Can get a bigger penis through PRP injections?

If you are not satisfied with what you have below, you are not alone: ​​many men want to succeed over nature and increase the size of their penis. They are constantly looking for a new product or treatment that gives them a larger package.

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A new one in the market injects platelet rich plasma (PRP) into your penis to enlarge it. But is there evidence that this new treatment will really be bigger? Will this really strengthen the penis or increase endurance, sensation and pleasure? And what are the risks of trying (since there are always risks)?

Let’s talk exactly what the injection is. First, their own blood is drawn, and then the platelets are concentrated. This platelet-rich plasma is reinjected into your penis. The treatment is supposed to stimulate the regeneration of new tissues and, after one or more injections, leads to a larger penis. Some marketing specialists claim that the injection will increase penis size as much as 10 to 20% in length and girth.

In theory, the idea makes sense: use the body’s own healing mechanisms, adapted to new levels, to rejuvenate your penis so that it is larger and works better.

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But there are a couple of problems with this theory.

First, while it is possible to temporarily increase the circumference by injecting temporary fillers and fluid into the tissues (only think of those women with swollen and swollen lips of collagen), you cannot permanently change what they gave you genetically. The two internal chambers (corpora cavernous) that allow a penis to expand in length and circumference with erections are of fixed size. No amount of stretching, injection, vitamins, surgery or hormones can make them bigger.

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Another problem with the theory: injections of platelet-rich plasma accelerate healing, not growth. Platelets accelerate the healing of an injury by increasing inflammation (swelling) and the growth of microscopic blood vessels. Platelet-rich plasma is often injected at the site of an injury to accelerate the reconstruction of damaged tissue and restore the area to its original condition. Therefore, PRP injections can be a useful means to increase tissue healing and regeneration after orthopedic injuries, plastic surgery or severe arthritis, but they will not make those areas larger or better than they were before the injury Also, when it comes to injecting PRP into penises, we simply don’t have enough research.

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There are only 2 studies on injections of platelet-rich plasma in penises, and those are in rat penises, after their genital nerves have been crushed. Studies showed that treated rats had faster nerve regeneration and, consequently, better erection restoration, than untreated rat penises, but none of the studies showed that treated rats ended up with larger penises. . Looking through hundreds of studies, I can’t find any intended to test the use of PRP in humans to enlarge penises. I found a Russian research document that indicates that it might be worth investigating the use of PRP in men for erectile dysfunction, and I agree that it is worth investigating, but the document did not offer other information and did not mention the use of PRP to increase penis size From the research on the Priapus Shot ™ website, only one of the studies was penis specific and focused on correcting curved penises. So, as of now, there are no studies that show that PRP makes healthy penises bigger, in rats or men.

If, despite all this, you are still considering this treatment, you should consider the risks. Although I am sure that some men will complain of pain, I am more concerned that repeated injections may lead to scars and disfigured penises. In addition, there are some concerns about the rare risks that lead to life-threatening blood clotting problems.

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For many men who have been looking for a way to increase their size, this treatment may sound like the Holy Grail. But there is no evidence to prove that it is scientifically proven to work as claimed and that its safety has not been thoroughly tested. In addition, at a cost of several thousand dollars per shot, it is an expensive bet. Unless new research comes to light, I will not recommend this treatment to my patients.

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