Depression is affected your sex

Depression is affected your sex

Depression can have a profound impact on sexual intercourse. It can hinder our ability to feel emotionally safe with our partner and can deprive us of our desire and enjoy sexual connection.

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Some of the most common problems that depression can cause:

Lack of pleasure: depressed people do not find pleasure in the things they used to do, including the sexual relationship they used to really enjoy.

Increased emotional sensitivity: when things go wrong in a sexual relationship, as they are likely to do from time to time, depressed people can misunderstand these temporary changes due to their own deficiencies … which often leads them to avoid sex

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Low energy: fatigue can be an important symptom that steals sexual energy. Depression can result in too little or too much sleep, and even a great rest does not revive the person’s vitality. Desire is often compromised by fatigue and sexual functioning may also decrease. The energy for a partner’s pleasure may feel impossible to gather.

Difficulty linking up: people living with depression often struggle to feel worthy of love. This can lead to their partners feeling frustrated at not being able to break their efforts to love and their invitations to stimulating sexual intercourse.

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Take some steps for improve your sex life:

Consider a change of medication: Ironically, the medication that is most often prescribed to relieve depression is a class of medications that often affect sex. For both sexes, these medications, called selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), can reduce sexual desire and inhibit orgasm. For men, an SSRI can also affect their erections. No one should leave the medication without the supervision of a doctor. If you are using an SSRI and are affecting your sex life, you can consult a psychiatrist to see if there are other possible drugs.

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Work on depression itself. Doing psychological work can help stabilize your mood and can even help you quit medications. The therapy organizes the complex feelings of depression, allowing a person to mentally understand that there are concrete action steps that will help. Empathy and understanding of the psychotherapist are internalized as comfort, which creates a new basis for mood stability. And constant relational experience in therapy helps a person form safer bonds in the rest of their relationships.

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Visit a sexual therapist with your partner: going to sexual therapy with your partner can relieve misunderstandings about the sexual process and increase a person’s confidence in their technique. Sex therapists know that sex is a physical process that improves a person’s attachment to their partner and may suggest ways to increase sexual intimacy for the relationship. Most of the time, sex therapists help couples resolve the power struggle between them that develops in the sexual realm. This resolution increases the security in the association by eliminating a frequent source of depression.

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