How do to being In Good Sexual Health

How do to being In Good Sexual Health

Jessica believes that sexual health includes much more than avoiding unplanned illnesses or pregnancies. We also believe that having a sexually transmitted infection or an unwanted pregnancy does not prevent a person from being or becoming sexually healthy.

Being In Good Sexual Health Means:

  • Understand that sexuality is a natural part of life and involves more than just sexual behavior.
  • Have access to information, education and sexual health care.
  • Make an effort to prevent unwanted pregnancies and STDs and seek care and treatment if necessary.
  • Be able to feel sexual pleasure, satisfaction and intimacy when needed.

Defining Sexual Health

The term “sexual health” encompasses a range of public health and clinical issues related to the prevention of sexually transmitted infections. I use the term a lot in my own work and its currency expansion is a welcome new paradigm in our field. In fact, the concept of sexual health seems to me of fundamental importance for all aspects of the prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

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To be fair, however, not all talk about sexual health seems to have influenced the daily details of our work. Sex is still mainly considered as a set of risk factors against which we do not recommend. I am convinced that this perspective of sex and sexuality as a “risk” legitimizes the stigma associated with sexually transmitted infections and contributes to the toxic intolerance of our society to sexual diversity. A sexual health perspective incorporates the concept of personal and epidemiological risks of sex, but recognizes the pervasive importance of sex in our lives.


However, I’m starting to wonder if I know what sexual health means in the first place. It is a great concept, and perhaps it is natural that the definitions seem idealistic, overworked and fair.

There are many points of agreement with this definition, particularly in its recognition of the complex physical, emotional, mental and social attributes of sexual health, and the anchoring of sexual health in universal sexual rights. But, I find that this definition is strangely reprimanding and parental (“… the possibility of having pleasant and safe sexual experiences …”). More importantly, however, the definition is sexually vague.


No matter how many times I have read, used, and cited this definition, I cannot get a rudimentary view of how sexual health works in people’s daily lives. I feel the same about the more recently developed definition from the United States Centers for Disease Control & Prevention, particularly because sexual rights and sexual pleasure are missing from this definition of sexual health.

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So maybe I need to clarify what sexual health is. And, sexual health should be more than the only negatives: not forced; not discriminated against; not violent. The prevalence of these negatives in the lives of many people tells us how far we are from achieving a just and equitable society. But I think that sexual health ultimately requires a much more active involvement of all of us, and it seems utterly insufficient to hope that sexual health will happen on its own if coercion, discrimination and violence is finally overcome.


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