How To Happy Our Partner with Relationship?

How To Happy Our Partner with Relationship?

Some people are dedicated to the task of solving their relationship problems only to “wake up” years later to realize that the relationship has not changed, and will not. It’s easy to blame your inattentive or indifferent partners, but the problem is a bit more complicated.

The willingness of “hyperresponsible” people to recognize and try to change relationship problems is often admirable, even brave. Ordering what they want. Asking your partner to express your wishes and needs. Find ways to communicate in a more calm and empathetic way. These are all essential parts to redirect a relationship.

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But there is an inconvenience. With all their skills, effort and determination, these people tend to see their role as maintaining their harmonious relationships.

They are blind to the “fatal defects” of their partner. When substance abuse, infidelity or another serious problem of your partner undermines your relationship, desperately looking for ways to solve the problem. Not only do they try to help their partner or their relationship; they see their partner’s continuing struggles as their own failure to provide the necessary assistance. Or they just feel they don’t deserve better. They feel they are unworthy or unkind.

If this pattern seems to describe you, pause the daily flow of activities to reflect on it. Do you often ask yourself even when you know that your partner is acting in a problematic way? Does the idea of ​​breaking make you accept the unacceptable or continue making the same failed efforts to improve things?

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If you do not strive to work in the relationship, consider what you are saying. Instead of continuing to try to fix things without help, you can try couples therapy. But in the end, their relationship will not prosper unless they are both working to improve it.

If the idea of ​​reducing your efforts creates guilt or insecurity about you, focus on these thoughts and feelings instead of simply redoubling your efforts. Talk to a trusted friend. Find a therapist. Work to consciously recognize your value, with or without your partner. Consider that it is not your responsibility to always be there for your partner when they are not making sincere efforts to fulfill their role as a supportive and committed partner with you.

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