How to Protect Eye with eyeliner Brush?

How to Protect Eye with eyeliner Brush?

Makeup brushes need care for several reason Cleaning the eyeliner brush is important to avoid infections or allergies in the eyes. You should have the practice of cleaning the eyeliner brush properly and in a timely manner.

Why is cleaning and sterilization of an eyeliner brush important?

  • With an eyeliner brush, so that the line is perfect in the desired style. Taking proper care will help you achieve that style quickly, since the brush will not fray, dry or be damaged.
  • Another reason is hygiene. If you have an unused and uncovered long brush, which is not enclosed in a brush wrap or simply on a cosmetic table, dirt and other external bacteria will be deposited on it, which will gradually cause an accumulation. It is necessary to clean and sterilize the brush, even if you change it with another one for each new application.


The key steps to make your eyeliner clean and sterilize.

  • Simply wipe with a makeup brush solution and gently dry several times with a soft tissue, a cotton cloth or any cloth that absorbs well. This process should be performed until the used fabrics or tissue papers are completely clean after cleaning. In this way, all the dirt will disappear, to clean the brush, the best option is a white cloth.
  • After that, simply spray the brush with a suitable disinfectant, especially when sharing your brush with another person. Clean the brush more accurately; It should be done after some applications, even if only one person uses it, it is necessary to proceed in a very similar way to washing hair.
  • The other way to clean the eyeliner brush is to keep the water running and keep the brush under the tap for a while. As for the eyeliner brush of water-friendly material, the bristles are immersed in running water and once they are completely wet, the selected cleaner is applied, and in gentle swirling movements without the use of force, the brush will Wash perfectly in the palm. The brush is never pressed to prevent damage to the bristles, as well as to maintain its essential shape.
  • It is ideal to choose a product intended to wash the brush, according to the material it is made of, or choose a proven assistant, the baby shampoo. As it is soft, it foam perfectly and, therefore, does not damage the bristles. Such shampoo can be applied to clean natural bristles and artificial fibers. It is essential to know the type of material that the brush holder has, in which the bristles are fixed.

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  • If it is wooden and unpainted, it is not advisable to soak it, as it can absorb water and expand, and the bristles will fall off. This does not happen with the types of glass or plastic.
  • Some brushes have bristles pinched on a sheet of metal, and there may be corrosion, so in that case, it is more appropriate to clean only with a cloth soaked in a makeup cleaning solution. This is done by placing the cloth soaked in the brush and letting it run for a while, then remove the cloth and repeat it as many times as necessary until the bristles are completely clean but not damaged in any way.
  • Next The next necessary step is to thoroughly rinse all the shampoo from the brush so that the bristles do not stick or even sting after drying. There is nothing more unpleasant than dipping a brush in the eyeliner and finding it completely hard. Not only can you not apply beautiful makeup, but it can also cause injuries easily. Let’s make sure twice that the bristles are rinsed and cleaned with precision.
  • After removing the entire applicator and accessory, dry it with a highly absorbent material, ideally with cotton wipes, and never rub the bristles together to avoid breaking their structure, as it often determines compliance and easy handling of the brush Therefore, cleaning should be handled very carefully by placing a napkin and squeezing it gently until it is completely dry. It is good to remember that if you have a natural bristle material, its shape is fixed when it loses water. Therefore, it is important to ensure that the form is not damaged in any way. The brush always dries down. Then, make sure there are no bristles anywhere, and fix it by gently sliding between your fingers and letting it dry to the next application. Before use, sterilization is recommended directly on makeup brushes for disinfection, which can only be sprayed on the bristles.

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Caring for the eyeliner brush in this way not only ensures sterilization but also makes it easier to use in order to achieve the perfect eye line. Buy Eye Care Products Online will not only save time but also your money. Avail the best price in the USA, by your doorsteps.

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