Introduction to diet for Better health

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Introduction to diet for Better health

The diet is probably the most important factor for your Better health, your body composition.

The food determines your size. If you consume more calories than you spend, you will get fatter. If you consume fewer calories than you spend, you will become smaller. Whatever your metabolism, body composition, genetics or other, your body must respect the laws of physics and biological imperatives. Now your calorie needs can change over time. But in the end, there are really calories and calories. Everything else is playing with the basics of this fundamental fact.


You cannot get fat if you do not eat fat. This applies to muscle, fat, whatever. You can lift huge weights 10,000 times a day and if you do not eat more calories than you spend, you will not earn a milligram. On the other hand, if you burn 10,000 calories a day and eat 11,000 calories a day, you will gain weight. Exercise and food selection play an important role in what becomes of this excess weight (fat or muscle), but this weight comes from food.


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With that, what should you eat?

General dietary advice

Before you start calculating calories, etc., you can improve your Better health by changing the basics of your diet and eating habits. This sounds like a big problem, but is actually quite simple and relatively painless. I will not tell you to eat tree bark and mushrooms, for example. This kind of extremist regime is reserved for morons.


First, the obvious things: fast food and sodas, Cut for Better health

Fast food is almost always extremely unhealthy for Better health, high in saturated and Tran’s fat, very caloric, and should be avoided by everyone. The casual hamburger is safe in the grand scheme of things, but if fast food is a staple of your diet, deletes it.


Soda is extremely dense in calories, has no nutritional value and, for a variety of reasons, you should not pour huge amounts of simple sugars into your system. There is debate about whether diet sodas are neutral or even bad for you; my suggestion is to limit too. There are many unsubstantiated negative myths about diet sodas, and although it is even healthier than regular sodas, it can keep you in the habit of preferring foods that are too sweet. It is probably best not to drink soda. Drink water instead, with coffee or tea on occasion to vary. After a few months, your soda cravings will slowly dissipate.


For the greedy, all kinds of candies are calorie monsters. But perhaps the worst of the worst ice cream, especially high-end ice cream – a pint can give you a few days of saturated fat and half the calories you should consume. You do not need to ever eat new candy – it’s ridiculous. Just eat it rarely and in smaller amounts.


Finally, be aware that many coffee drinks are almost entirely made from milk fat and milk syrup and may contain absurd amounts of calories. Infused tea and coffee are almost non-calorie and a pack of sugar adds only about 20 calories, but some of these mixed “coffee-based” drinks have a value of 400 calories.


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Concentrate your meals on dishes cooked in the traditional way. Try to consume as little garbage as you can and try to eat only whole and natural foods. Their consumption will keep you more satiated than processed formulas and for less calories. There is a lot of discussion about the fact that some foods are bad and others are good. Generally, if it was part of a traditional diet, if you could prepare it by hand, it’s good (eggs, butter, olive oil, oatmeal, fruit, …), otherwise it is not , pizza, gummi bear …).


Many people are taking the first steps towards weight loss by simply cutting down sodas and dropping Big Mac content from their diet. In addition to being made of unhealthy ingredients, fast foods and sodas are terrible because they make it easier to eat huge calories without being particularly aware that you are doing it for Better health. I’m not telling you that you have to give up everything you love forever. You simply can not have unhealthy foods as the main element of your diet for Better health. Having an “unhealthy” sized serving of a reasonable size that you really like 1 to 2 times a week is not a problem if the rest of your diet is in order. But for too many people, unhealthy foods are their diet.


Macronutrients and more

Carbohydrates, fats and proteins are all called macronutrients. All are necessary and none is an evil in itself. To summarize:


Carbohydrates (“carbohydrates”). 4 calories per gram. Despite what you may have heard, these are not evils.The problem is that people consume excess sources of carbohydrates, including simple sugars of soda and candy and starchy white bread. However, if you have to reduce to single macronutrient, reduce your carbohydrate. People in Western cultures consumes far too much carbohydrate on average.


Protein 4 calories per gram. Proteins are formed by a linked chain of amino acids, needed to maintain and repair muscle damage to your body. Most people consume enough protein, but an intense workout program may require more nutrition for optimal results. Protein helps you lose fat, build muscle, fill you up so you’re less hungry, support lean body mass (muscle) compared to a lean mass, helps you better recover after any type of exercise, reduces pain and helps prevent weight loss.


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