We have a should male contraceptive pill…not yet why?

We have a should male contraceptive pill…not yet why?

Research has shown that men in committed relationships are very interested in “owning” contraceptives. But when it comes to options, the list of effective methods is quite limited at this time: abstinence, condoms and vasectomy (there is also a rhythm or abstinence method, but I don’t think you want to trust any of these). Given this alignment, there is certainly room for some type of pill. However, after half a century and millions of dollars of research, there is still no pill for men.

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So what is the delay?

We know how to interfere with sperm production: male hormone supplements will tell the body’s natural testosterone (produced by the testicle) to shut down, stopping sperm production. According to this idea, the pills have been formulated as hormonal contraceptives and have worked … but not perfectly. In studies, most men have zero sperm counts after taking the pill, but not all men. And, in the world of male contraceptives, with options such as vasectomy, it’s a zero tolerance game. Ejaculation must be free of sperm.

There is also a litany of concern regarding the side effects of male hormone-based pills. In clinical trials, men have experienced effects such as acne, weight gain, bad mood, loss of sexual desire, erectile dysfunction and fatigue. Having significant sexual side effects of a pill that aims to eliminate a little the worry of sex slightly defeats the purpose, don’t you think? In a longer view, are there other problems that occur over time? While we know that the female contraceptive pill has been linked to higher rates of heart disease and breast and cervical cancer in women, to date, there is little or no research on what problems could arise with the use of birth control pills. Long-term male.

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Despite all this, there is still a healthy interest in a male contraceptive pill, and the efforts of the researchers show some hope. A recent clinical trial of a hormonal pill for men completely closed testosterone levels and was fairly well tolerated. As sperm production was not studied, we are still not sure that it works, but it is promising. It is likely that a male pill is not for all men, but it could be a smart alternative for many of us.

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