Penis enlargement: myths and realities

Penis enlargement: myths and realities

Results in seconds. Wow. I don’t know about you, but I’m quickly getting tired of the dozens of unwanted emails that I receive every day about the new pill, cream or magic device to enlarge the penis. But it is not limited to these anonymous emails. Now I have to watch or listen to these same scams on the main television and radio programs. What surprises me the most is that these ads must be making money, or not yet on the air week after week, month after month.

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Here is the trick: there is no truth or science behind any of them. They are all pure and simple scams, designed to separate fools from their money. Nothing but snake oil sellers, and unfortunately as polite as we are, we remain credulous. Hey, if I could find a way to feel comfortable stealing people’s money, I could also jump in and offer “Sheldon’s secret penis enlargement formula, but don’t wait, because organized medicine wants to close me, so order before midnight tonight”. and we’ll add a free spray window tint. ” And that’s how they promote an old trick, now they call it male enhancement, something like a used car is now called used so they can charge more. If I sell my own secret formula, then I can lie, but it is a new lie, so it will take me a few years to reach me and maybe by then I will have my millions hidden on a Caribbean island offshore. . But my ethic gets in the way.

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The reason is simple: the supplement industry has worked very hard to keep the FDA out of the supplement market. In this way, they can sell anything to anyone and do not have to prove that it is effective, that it is even useful or that it is even safe. Therefore, anyone with some money can create a fake treatment and sell it, making wild and extreme claims.

And what better way to deceive people than by playing the secret desire of many men: having a bigger penis? Because, after all, we know that men with bigger penises should be happier, more successful and have happier wives. And who will complain that his penis enlargement pill did not work? I would say very few men.

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But what is a normal sized penis? This is a topic that boys never seem to understand. First, the size of a non-erect penis has no relevance to an erect penis. Some men who have small penises can become quite large and others who are large do not change much, and everything else. Somewhere about 4 to 6 inches of erection is what a normal penis is supposed to be.

It is because of the DNA that you inherited from your mother and father. It is also the reason why you are as tall or short as you are, as well as the color of your eyes.

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After spending more than 20 years in urology, it is clear that no pill, cream or vacuum device will change the size of your penis. It is not that the penis is elastic and can be enlarged. It is what it is. If you have extra weight, you may lose a few pounds and your penis will appear larger.

You can opt for a disfiguring surgery to cut the ligament that will allow your penis to fall out, and give it the appearance of maybe 1/2 inch more for a lucky few, but that’s it. And so you know, most men who undergo penis enlargement surgery regret having done so. It must be something about all the scars and pain. So here is what it comes down to. You can spend a lot of money trying to change something that cannot be changed, or you can learn what is really important, be satisfied and save a few dollars.

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