Sexual Therapy: What to Expect

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Sexual Therapy: What to Expect

If you are like most people, you probably never imagined that you would schedule an appointment with a sex therapist. So, when your doctor or friend suggested it, you may have felt a little apprehensive (and maybe even surprised to know that such a specialist exists). You may be afraid of a sexual therapist making suggestions or assigning tasks that are outside your comfort zone or even your moral limits. But sexual therapy consists in exploring what YOU want, not imposing an ideal standard.

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To feel a little more comfortable while heading to your appointment, here is a little more about sexual therapy and what you can expect to experience:

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Sex therapists are trained health professionals. Sex therapists are licensed counselors in relationships with additional training and certification in sexual functioning. His specialty includes helping people feel comfortable talking about sex.

Sex therapy is talk therapy. You will sit in a room furnished as a living room with sofas, chairs and lamps, and you will simply talk about the problems you have had in the bedroom. There are no exams, no nudes, no sexual touches involved in sexual therapy.

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Relational history In sexual therapy, you will talk about your relationship in general: how you communicate, what frustrations and stressors exist, and your strengths and challenges. Sexual problems are often more relational than simply the parts of the body that do not work. Sex occurs within a relationship and the complexity of a couple’s problems plays an important role in making sex feel tense and boring, or meaningful and alive.

Sexual history. He will answer questions about childhood and what his family told him about sex, both in the “birds and bees” talk and in the spoken and unsaid rules about their sexual customs. Early sexual experiences often have a profound impact on our future expectations. It is also important to examine the repetitive problems that have arisen in other relationships.

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Sex therapy is fair. Often, a couple in the relationship sees sex as the main means of feeling connected, while the other couple may need to feel emotionally connected first to have sexual intimacy. Both sides of the argument are valid, and a good sex therapist sympathizes with these differences.

Respect for your moral values ​​and differences. Your therapist must respect the cultural and religious traditions that are important to you. Similarly, you should not feel judgments or accusations about ideas, fantasies or actions that are different from your partner or therapist. The therapist must be strong enough to help the couple overcome difficult points while supporting their values.

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Increase. Changing your sex life takes some steps that can be challenging. While mitigated by the therapist, your sexual conflicts with your partner should be disclosed. After much discussion and evaluation, you could be assigned a task of a sexual nature. It is important to be honest about your disposition or your resistance to any task.

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You should expect sexual therapy to be similar to any counseling experience, but focused on the intimate relationship between you and your partner. Talking about sex is not easy; It is not something we normally discuss in social relationships. We might believe that everyone else has more frequent and much more exciting sex than we do, so we are reluctant to mention it. But, in truth, we all have sexual problems at some point, and the experience of sexual therapy can often help you develop a satisfying relationship in the bedroom again.

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