Are Vaginal Moisturizers Melts Safe? An OB / GYN Weighs

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Are Vaginal Moisturizers Melts Safe? An OB / GYN Weighs

Menopause. Birth control pills . Stress. Breastfeeding. Thyroid problems These are some of the common causes of vaginal dryness, which can often lead to discomfort during intercourse and decreased libido.

While the innovation is great, especially in the area of ​​women’s sexual health, I admit I was wrong when I heard about this latest trend.

The “melted” vaginal moisturizers are suppositories (I guess the marketing people felt that “melt” sounds sexier than “suppository”) made from natural oils that contain added aromas and flavors. Vaginal moisturizers are typically used nightly to help the body create more moisture in the vagina, but these melts should be used shortly before intercourse to add an artificial moisture blast. In addition to improving dryness, they imply an extra bonus for the sexual partner. It’s a lot of intriguing TikTok videos, but are they safe, healthy, and necessary?

According to websites that sell vaginal moisturizer melts, the ingredients are all natural oils, which are generally safe for the vagina. The downside to oil-based moisturizers is that they can damage latex condoms, making them less effective. Also, these types of products are not regulated by the FDA (especially those sold on ETSY), so they should be used with caution.

One of the biggest concerns with any vaginal product is that it could affect vaginal PH, which could affect the microbiome of the vagina, making you more vulnerable to yeast or bacterial infections. The products claim to have an appropriate pH, but I would be very hesitant to recommend these products to women who have a history of recurrent yeast infections or who are predisposed to infections (for example, women with diabetes, HIV, or taking immunosuppressive medications). Also, any ingredients they have included to improve the taste and smell of the melts could possibly cause irritation to the sensitive skin of the vagina.

The question here is not whether you can improve the taste and smell of your vagina, but you must. There is a fine line between products intended for sexual empowerment and those intended to imply that your vagina is stinky and disgusting and needs to be “fixed.” Which side of the line vaginal melts fall on is probably a matter of opinion. A vagina shouldn’t taste like strawberry cheesecake.

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Vaginal melts may be a good option for some women to help relieve pain and dryness during intercourse. However, don’t be embarrassed to use a product like this for fear that its normal vaginal odor or taste is, for some reason, unpleasant. If you’ve noticed a new, stronger-than-usual vaginal odor or a change in your discharge, see a medical provider for an exam and don’t try to mask the problems with a vaginal melt.

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