Being a father is a job for life

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Being a father is a job for life

When we become parents, our lives change forever, for our love for our children and also for the responsibilities of raising them. Just as we shape our children, our children also shape us.

It is easy to see the effect that our children have on our lives in the first years. We are exhausted by the lack of sleep and the endless tasks of feeding, driving, disciplining and comforting you. And, on the other hand, we are proud of their achievements and feel joy in watching them play.

Although the physical demands of child rearing diminish once our children become mature adults, research shows that our children continue to affect our lives and happiness even when they are out of the nest. A study by Dr. Fingerman and her colleagues found that the parents’ daily mood is significantly affected by regular interactions with their adult children. He revealed that parents with more than one successful report of adult children have a better sense of well-being. However, only an adult child with significant problems impairs their sense of well-being.

Interestingly, other research by Dr. Fingerman and her colleagues found that while parents generally help all of their children, they tend to give more to children who have a greater need and those who are more successful. The researchers suggested that parents can give their children more performance as a way to feel better about themselves and hope to get more support in the future. In all these situations, it is clear that parents are significantly affected by their relationships with their adult children.

Even when parents have less contact or are separated from their adult children, their relationship continues to affect them both. They may be hurt by the difficulties they know the other is facing or the tensions between them. They may also mourn for a lost connection, or because a close connection never existed. They often struggle with questions about what went wrong or what they did wrong, and can carry anger that burns for years.

The relationship of parents and their children is complicated, and changes and changes throughout life. Although parents consider it their job to shape their children, their children also affect them, an influence that continues to reverberate throughout their lives.

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