What foods should be avoided when breastfeeding?

food to avoid breastfeeding

What foods should be avoided when breastfeeding?

There are several types of soft cheese fish. But what about a woman who is breastfeeding? Is there any food that they need to eat? Read more to learn about the diet of breastfeeding.

Unlike a pregnant woman, a nursing mother or breastfeeding mom can eat most things. Before going into detail, as a nursing mother, you should know that you need to have regular meals in order. There are no specific foods to avoid during breastfeeding. Each baby reacts differently to a meal or a drink. So, what works for your baby?

Let’s take a look at some foods you want to try. When we talk about avoiding, it does not mean that you have been excluded and excluded from your menu, what you should do is limit them to small amounts.

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Spicy foods: spicy foods can irritate small stomachs. A pinch of black pepper Those children who are not allowed to have much time. So, if you do not feel comfortable with it.

Corns– Corns May cause allergies in infants and young children. They cause rashes in babies. If you find that your baby is allergic to corn, try eliminating it from your diet.

Parsley and Mint – These Breast milk If you eat these herbs while you are breastfeeding, you should control your milk supply. In fact, breastfeeding mothers are advised to drink peppermint tea when they want to stop milk production after weaning.

Coffee – Coffee Tops The list of caffeine content it contains. It is believed that a certain amount of caffeine in coffee or tea ends up in breast milk. Babies can not excrete caffeine efficiently, and the accumulated amount causes irritation, irritability and lack of sleep in them. In addition, a high level of caffeine can decrease the amount of iron in breast milk and decrease the hemoglobin count in the baby. Therefore, it is always a good option to have a coffee in a moderate amount of 2 to 3 cups a day.

Citrus fruits: You may know that citrus fruits are a great source of vitamin C, but you may not know that their acid components can irritate your child’s little skin. The baby’s immature gastrointestinal tract will not be able to cope with these components, so it can cause irritation, diaper rash and more. Choose to consume fruits rich in vitamin C, such as pineapple, mango, strawberries and green leaves instead of lemons, limes, oranges and grapefruit.

Chocolate – For many ladies, rest time is considered chocolate time. But you should not be breastfeeding. Chocolate contains a substance called theobromine, which is believed to have the same effect as caffeine. If you think your angel’s irritability is due to your consumption of chocolate, keep it away from you If a woman who is breastfeeding consumes 750 mg of obromine or caffeine a day, the baby may show restless behavior or may have trouble sleeping.

Peanuts: Stay away from peanuts if you have a history of allergies to peanuts. It is said that the allergic protein in peanuts could pass into breast milk and then transfer to the baby. The baby can suffer from rashes, eating even a little peanut can give it to the breast milk between 1 to 6 hours.

Garlic– the smell of garlic Some people like it If your baby’s discomfort is while breastfeeding is garlic, stop including it in your food.

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