Some Questions to Ask Before Sex

Some Questions to Ask Before Sex

Despite the way we see it in the media, sex is a very personal act with emotional and physical consequences. Therefore, it is extremely important that you approach it with the serious thought it deserves. This includes asking yourself and your partner some important questions.

Top 3 questions to ask yourself

Does having sex fit my core values? On a very basic level, it is useful to be clear about the extent of emotional intimacy and the commitment that you think there should be in a relationship before having sex.

There is also the question of whether being physically intimate with a particular person fits their morals or values. If you or your potential sexual partners have a committed relationship with another person, pause before acting according to your wishes.

There are also other situations in which it is worth thinking twice, such as sleeping with your boss. Whatever your circumstance, consider the problems you might be creating by acting in accordance with your passions. Is this person a wise choice for me? Even if you feel incredibly attracted to someone or look great on paper, you may know in your heart that they are not right for you. Or, you may have some persistent doubts.

Maybe they treat you badly, are insensitive to others (even while they idolize you), struggle with a problem of anger or alcohol, or express concerns in another way. In all these situations, you may want, at least temporarily, to override your libido. When you have sex with someone, you bring that person more to your life and heart, an option that you can regret.

Is it the right time? Sex can increase emotional closeness, so if you are not ready to approach, you can wait. For example, if you have just abandoned a long-term relationship, having sex too soon could interfere with the development of what might have been a good combination. Similarly, acting out of sexual attraction before meeting someone may feel good in the moment, but it also creates problems to develop a deeper connection.

 Top 3 questions to ask your partner

What are we for each other? You want to know if you are on the same page so as not to prepare for the anguish. To clarify your situation, you can ask directly if you are single or have a romantic relationship with another person; and if they are looking for an adventure or a committed relationship.

When was the last STD and HIV test? It may be an awkward question, but you should make sure you are safe from these potentially serious health risks before continuing.

What will we use for birth control? Regardless of what you decide to use, make an informed decision to prevent a possible pregnancy or an unwanted disease.

These questions are only a beginning. From there, you may want to know yourself better, deepening your emotional and sexual intimacy. However, these basic questions are an essential starting point for any new sexual relationship.

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