Can you really trust your gut?

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Can you really trust your gut?

Your bowel, or intuition, can be very useful. You can alert it when something is “off”, which indicates that you should proceed with caution; or it can give you a feeling of “this feels good. But listening only to your instinct, without considering the facts, can get you into trouble.

Your bowel reaction and your reflexive decisions are largely processed in different parts of the brain. His instinct comes from the right hemisphere of his brain, where he processes things quickly and on a nonverbal level. It processes information that you may not even be aware of, such as expressions that pass extremely quickly over people’s faces and reveal feelings that they try to hide (or even ignore). By being in contact with your instinctive response, you can obtain information that would otherwise have been lost.

As useful as it can be open to influences outside your knowledge, this can also go against you. It may be influenced by factors that are not directly related to a situation. Your feeling that a date is “the only one” might have to do with your resemblance to your first love, something you may only realize much later. On the other hand, you could meet someone who could make you wonderfully happy, but you don’t even give them a chance because they look like someone who had been cruel to you.

Similarly, people are often attracted to other people who interact in a similar way to the family they grew up in. The dynamic is familiar and, therefore, they have an immediate feeling of kinship with these people. This can be a great thing if your family was healthy and you are attracted to supportive and affectionate relationships. However, this attraction also occurs with dysfunctional aspects of families.

Because your instinct can send it in the wrong direction, it is important to reflect on it before acting. With the help of the left hemisphere of your brain based on the intellect, you can consider your emotional reactions, classify any relevant observations or facts, and rationally assess a situation. This type of thinking can let you know when your emotional reactions or desires make no sense in the current situation or are likely to cause a problem, either creating a bad situation or missing a good one.

His instinct might urge him to persecute a person or situation; or send you running from what feels like danger. But when you know that your instinct may be fallible, you will know how to reflect on that reaction. In situations where this creates an internal conflict, take your time to decide what is best for you, given what you know at the time.

So can you trust your gut? Absolutely. Trust that your instinct offers you an important guide. But take it as advice, not as a directive to be followed without thinking.

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