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When Your Heart Feels Alone

Feeling a sense of emptiness in your heart can be heartbreaking. It can bring episodes of intense loneliness, and then also a deep, but dull pain, which pushes you down every day like an anchor. It is important not to despair. With a little guidance, effort and persistence, you can fill that void and live a happy life.


How to find friends to help you be a better you

It is important to have friends who are a safe haven when life becomes stormy. But truly understanding friendships offer more than just security and comfort: they encourage you to grow and become the person you want to become, or at least explore what you could be. They are what psychology calls a “safe base” for you.

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Why you need to choose your friends wisely

Our interactions with other people can have a strong influence on us, even interactions that seem insignificant at this time. Something as simple as a kind word from a stranger can make you smile and feel a warm feeling; It can even cause a change in your attitude, changing the way you do the rest of your day.

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Can you really trust your gut?

Your bowel, or intuition, can be very useful. You can alert it when something is “off”, which indicates that you should proceed with caution; or it can give you a feeling of “this feels good. But listening only to your instinct, without considering the facts, can get you into trouble.