The diet failed. Now, what’s new?

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The diet failed. Now, what’s new?

If you started a diet full of hope and enthusiasm but now you are picking up the pieces, you may feel that you failed. So let me be clear: you didn’t fail. The diet failed you. Most popular diets are simply too much: too restrictive, too low in calories, too cheerful, too expensive, too inconvenient.

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Yes, you really felt great at first. It is what is known as the honeymoon effect, when you are excited about the diet and the changes you are seeing. And yes, you really experienced a change of scale. A rapid weight loss is usually due to water weight loss, which is especially likely if you were drastically cutting carbohydrates.

But here is the truth: most diets do not work in the long term because they are not designed to do so. Give up pasta forever? Recording your meals every day? Don’t you eat after 7pm? Those things are feasible for a few weeks, but you invariably bump into a wall. You miss the bread. You are tired of registering every bite in your phone application. You are only hungry.

What is the following? Here are four things to do now:

Understand that it is not your problem. The problem is not you, it is the diet. Make that your mantra when you feel defeated. I really believe it.

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Identify what did not work. There just wasn’t enough food to support you? Were meal plans full of foods you just don’t like? Does it require so much preparation that you feel trapped in the kitchen? Did you end up feeling isolated from family dinners? Those things don’t make you fail: they make the diet incompatible with your life.

Rescue something he did. Did you find a great fish recipe? Do you discover that you really like green smoothies? Do you realize that you don’t need a night snack every night after all? Even if that diet was not good for you in the long term, you may have some healthy habits that you can eliminate.

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Use what you learned. Each experience teaches us something. Maybe you learned that you don’t want to stop eating grains forever, that writing everything you eat triggers an obsessive thought, or that you just don’t like meat enough to follow a very high protein diet. Take what you learned from your diet and advance attempt, wiser and knowing yourself a little better. Then, the next time a diet is presented and you are attracted to great promises and dramatic testimonies, you can take advantage of this experience to make a better decision for you.

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