How to Spot a ‘True love’

How to Spot a ‘True love’

Your new partner is filling you with attention and expressing your feelings in every possible way: sending text messages frequently, surprising you with extravagant gifts and being extremely affectionate physically. You wonder if maybe you have found the “true love” you were looking for. While this kind of exaggerated attention may seem wonderful, be careful: it could be a “true love.”

The bombardment of love generally refers to trying to manipulate someone overwhelming with feelings of love and affection.

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Although you really prefer to take it easy, you may feel pressured to match the intensity of your new partner. They love you so much that they don’t want to miss a single opportunity to spend time together. Then, they complain that you go to your weekly yoga class or meet with other friends. Because you really enjoy time with them and their affection, you can decide that it is easier not to make other plans.

On the other hand, you may also have the feeling that the level of deep connection they express does not really exist, although you may want it in secret. According to all measures, the intense attention of this person is “objectively” exaggerated.

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What initially seemed like simple accommodations for your preferences quickly becomes something completely different, and quite ugly. His initial admiration for you changes radically. When you try to do things outside of your relationship, maybe even occasionally going out with colleagues after work, they can lash out against anger or jealousy, criticize you or withdraw your affection. Anything that takes your focus off triggers an intense reaction, which stops you dry. Then, when you send and focus on them again, they are very loving again. Without realizing it, your world becomes smaller and at your mercy.


The true loving, like the military bombing, has the strategic objective of winning. Instead of gaining territory, those who use true loves are trying (even unconsciously) to capture their affection, approval and perhaps worship. When you see signs of true loveardment, you will do a great service to get away and focus on other relationships (such as friends and family) that are genuinely acceptable and take care of each other.


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