Looking more closely at your relationship with your phone

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Looking more closely at your relationship with your phone

Who do you choose to interact with more? For many of us, the answer is not a person, but your telephone number. As with any relationship, this very important one can improve and decrease your life.

On the positive side, your phone can always be there to:

Get involved: look around and you will see people busy all the time with their phones, whether they are looking for information, connecting with a friend, watching videos or playing games.

Be informative: your phone is, of course, an incredibly powerful tool for learning new information, as complicated as quantum physics or as simple as finding out which actor was the voice of Duke Caboom in Toy Story 4.

Help you stay connected with friends and family: phones allow you to connect with other people in several ways: voice calls, Face Time, text messages or messaging applications.

Help you meet new people from anywhere in the world: either by watching news and offering comments, or by getting involved in online groups, you can connect with people from all over the world and get to know their experiences, opinions, cultures and values. .

Offer comfortable, even comforting company: whenever you feel emotional, whether you are bored, sad, anxious or overwhelmed, your phone can offer you distractions and comfort, depending on how you choose to get involved with it. While all of these are genuine benefits, your phone can also detract from your life.

On the negative side, your relationship with your phone could:

Distract it from activities in the non-virtual world: it is incredibly easy to get carried away by constant activity on your phone, away from the pleasures of the non-virtual world. For this reason, although taking a break from your phone may require discipline, it is important to do so and reconnect regularly with your real-life enjoyments, such as walking in nature, playing sports, baking or playing the guitar.

Interfere with your relationships with other people: by staying involved in everything your phone can do, you may not be able to communicate so much with other people. Time can fly by while you play or enjoy YouTube. If you get used to this, your relationships may suffer.

Limit the quality of your connections: connecting by phone, even with video, does not provide the same feeling of closeness as a meeting in person. Keep in mind that a text message is not as intimate as a phone call, which is not as intimate as meeting in person. For example, think of the warmth of hugging a friend or the comfort or excitement of being physically affectionate with your partner.

Keep him awake at night: it is relatively common for people to get so involved in their phone that they stay up later. In addition, the blue light emitted by your phone, when you look at it at night, stimulates your brain in a way that can make it hard for you to fall asleep.

Use your knowledge of the benefits and disadvantages of your phone to guide its use. Telephones can improve our lives in many ways, but they can easily become a good thing.

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