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It’s risky! Become a dad after 40 years?

Assessing a patient’s risk tolerance is important for any doctor, and especially for surgeons, who carry knives to things. Although the risks of life and limbs are common discussions before surgery, I have recently been captivated by a very different type of risk conversation I am having with patients: the risks of being an older parent. What is an older father? Most researchers agree that the term applies to men 40 years of age or older.

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Sperm Mapping: how can help sterile men become fathers

“They told me I’m sterile,” my patient said in disbelief. “Does it really mean there is no hope for me?” This is a question that I hear every day in my practice. The short answer is: there is hope. Read Also: You can keep bones healthy and Osteoporosis treatment by best 7 foods

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During infertility treatment: sexually connected

Most couples know that infertility treatment will affect them physically and emotionally, but many are not prepared for the effect it has on their sexual intimacy. The hype refocus on fertility can greatly affect desire and arousal in women and can cause sexual dysfunction in men.

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How To Make A Baby: Advice From A Doctor

You may have spent all of your adulthood trying to avoid pregnancy. But now, you really want to start a family. If you have been “trying” for a prolonged period of time, you have probably realized that making a baby is not always as simple as throwing condoms, scheduling time and meeting. These are some of the finest points.