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What Female Thinking and About Sex?

Many women consider sex to be the deepest form of love and connection, and many women have a very sexual orientation. Sex begins in the mind. Men often feel disappointed that she doesn’t crave him in her body as much as he does. But your body is very different hormonally.


How to Stay Sexually Connected During Infertility Treatment

Most couples know that infertility treatment will affect them physically and emotionally, but many are not prepared for the effect it has on their sexual intimacy. The hyperefocus on fertility can greatly affect desire and arousal in women and can cause sexual dysfunction in men. The following stressors explain why:


Looking for point G? 6 things you should know

Is point G real? The evidence is a bit mysterious because the point does not seem to be a different structure, but rather a group of nerves and tissue that swells or changes sensation when excited. And not all women feel it. Some women feel extreme pleasure when the stain is stimulated, but others … it’s nothing.