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What Female Thinking and About Sex?

Many women consider sex to be the deepest form of love and connection, and many women have a very sexual orientation. Sex begins in the mind. Men often feel disappointed that she doesn’t crave him in her body as much as he does. But your body is very different hormonally.


Is Body Image Poignant Your Sexual Life?

Body image can really mess with our heads. For heterosexual women, the way they see their bodies can have a great impact on their feelings of sexual desire and their ability to get excited. Men may also suffer feelings of bodily self-awareness, but it often does not interfere with their sexual function as much as with women.


5 Possible Causes of Painful Sex

If sex hurts, you won’t want to do it. For most of us, pain stops cold desire. It is estimated that about 20% of women suffer vaginal pain with previous games or sexual intercourse. The pain can be intermittent or chronic and can be due to a wide variety of causes, such as infections, yeasts, sexually transmitted diseases, allergies, drug reactions, nerve damage and chronic disorders.