The Some Fitness Mistakes That This Coach Sees Most Frequently

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The Some Fitness Mistakes That This Coach Sees Most Frequently

These mistakes can prevent us from seeing the progress we expected, or they can even lead us to discourage us with our routines, so it is important to correct them. These are some of the most common missteps I have seen as a coach (and some of which I am guilty of doing myself!).

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 Doing too much cardio.

I am guilty of this because I love cardio! I love endorphins, I love to sweat from my eyeballs and I feel that it gives me a sense of accomplishment. But you can absolutely have too much of a good thing: too much cardio can make the body cannibalize its lean muscle tissues.

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How much cardio do you really need?

They are 30 minutes of moderate intensity, 5 days a week. Of course, if you are doing more intense training like HIIT or Tabata, this number may be less. Focus on quality instead of quantity. It is more beneficial to challenge yourself for a maximum of 20-30 minutes than to get in touch for an hour.

 Do very little strength training.

We all need strength training, and it is especially important for women as we age to preserve lean muscle tissue and protect our bones. Lean muscle tissue is more hungry than fat, so it will burn more calories at rest. Increasing the amount of lean tissue in our body will increase our metabolism. You should aim for strength training 2 to 5 times per week. My general rule is to completely fatigue each muscle group twice a week. This can be due to resistance activities, heavy weights or compound exercises that gave you more for your money by recruiting multiple muscle groups at once.

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 Do not follow a plan.

If you are simply working for health benefits, it is totally okay to keep up and concentrate on moving every day in some way. However, if you have specific training, weight loss or training goals, it is important to have a strategic plan. I have a useful PDF here where you can see where I detail how I set up training plans and the different components you have ‘I will need

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 Does not feed properly.

This is huge, and something I didn’t really understand until I personally changed my nutrition. Once I did, I was finally reaching my goals on my Peloton bike, lifting heavier and running faster. You should make sure you have enough nutrients in your body to feed your activities, and also encourage tissue repair and recovery. I am not a registered dietitian, but my general rule for strength training is first protein, then more protein and carbohydrates later. For cardio, I will first make a simple carbohydrate (like half a banana) or do cardio on an empty stomach, and then I will eat carbohydrates, protein and some fat later. If you need help determining how to eat better for your activities, contact a registered dietitian near you.

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 Do not increase demands / change things.

To have a really effective exercise routine, you must consider the SAID principle: specific adaptation to the demands imposed. Simply put, your body is an intelligent machine and will enter cruise control whenever possible. Try adding stressors whenever possible, either by increasing weight or endurance, adding speed, changing the classes you take or changing the time of day you exercise. One of my favorite ways to change things is to change the equipment I am using. For example, if I usually do bicep curls with weights, I will do it on the cable machine or take a bar instead. Use kettle bells, weights, cable machines, TRX, resistance bands to change things, and your body will respond. Anything I can do to keep the body guessing is a good thing.

 Do an exercise or training class even if you hate it.

I had MANY clients who told me they had been running, although they hated it. The worst part is that sometimes they suffer knee injuries when doing those dreaded races. If you hate something, don’t do it! There are so many different types of training and classes out there; You will surely find something you love. Try different classes, instructors, applications: keep looking because I promise it is available.

There is no reason to adopt an exercise routine that you do not enjoy because it is likely that you will not stay long term anyway. When you love your activities, you will feel excited about exercising, work harder and stay constant.

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