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How to Stay Sexually Connected During Infertility Treatment

Most couples know that infertility treatment will affect them physically and emotionally, but many are not prepared for the effect it has on their sexual intimacy. The hyperefocus on fertility can greatly affect desire and arousal in women and can cause sexual dysfunction in men. The following stressors explain why:

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5 signs that they won’t compromise

Relationship – if you arrive first, how can you tell if your partner simply needs more time or if they will never compromise? You can start with an honest conversation about your feelings and desires for the relationship. This, of course, is best approached as a discussion rather than an ultimatum.

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Make love self before you love others

When he accepts and loves himself, he does not need the approval or love of another person, and he is likely to believe that he will find someone he will love and love. So, a bad date or rejection feels more like a detour on the road to a happy relationship than an overwhelming failure.

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Stop making the same relationship mistakes

Have you noticed how you leave a bad relationship just to find yourself repeating the same patterns in the following? You’re not alone. A recent study from the University of Alberta found that people tend to recreate many of the same patterns in their new relationships that they had in the old ones.


How to Prepare Your Partner for Sexual Intimacy

For duet, emotional connection and sexual intimacy are dynamically related, so difficulties in one area often destabilize the other. And the “chicken or egg” relationship between sex and emotional connection may be different for each couple. For some people, the desire to be sexual arises as a result of feeling emotionally connected.